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Day 4: A sense of History

One of the things that I constantly get asked is why I love living in Britain. It is the sense of history - Places and traditions going back millennia. Today I toured Cardiff Castle.

A history that goes back to WWII back to the 19th Century back to William the Conqueror back to the Roman rule of Britain. I passed through doorways that are older than America.

I saw the National Museum of Wales - an eclectic collection of art and science and history there for all people to see touch and learn.

I took a riverboat down to Cardiff Bay. A peaceful trip on a quiet river to a bay with its own eco system that has emerged from what was once the busiest seaport in the world.

On top of that I met up with three friends that through their own stories and time spent with me have encouraged and enriched my own life immensely.

In this day an age when nationalism and anti-globalisation seem to be taking root, I am struck with something that I think the Welsh people are doing quite well: there is sense of pride in their language, homeland, art and culture that they are not afraid of sharing - not in a exclusive overbearing manner, but are open and welcoming to the rest of the world.

All in all a very good but tiring day (I’m slacking though - only 11.7km)

Today’s observations:

- The sight of a Monet stops me in my tracks

- So does a Rodin

- And a Renoir

- Welsh Cakes are to die for

- Riding a boat makes me feel like a kid again

- So does seeing dinosaurs

- Seeing friends I haven’t seen in a long time fills me with Joy

- Castles have a lot of steps

- And school groups

- Always make sure you are in the right place before getting out of a cab

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