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Day 5: As I was going to St Ives...

Today I landed in St Ives, Cornwall. I was trying to do this adventure/dart-throwing experiment frugally. There is a reason that some trains are cheaper than others. Lesson learned today: the cheapest fair to Cornwall means two trains and a 6 hour ride with 33 stops along the way. Yes. Count ‘em: 33. And it was only a two car train. I may still have faith in human kind, but train scheduling bureaucrats are not human.

I discovered the composer Gustav Holst way back in Jr High playing in the band. In High School we played his Military Suites for Band. It seemed appropriate to listen to those as I’m passing the Royal Navy yards in Plymouth with its sea shanty themes and “Anvil Chorus”. Then actually listening to A Somerset Rhapsody while chugging down the tracks meandering through Somerset. I still find it amazing that music can convey space and time and landscape so brilliantly. It also brings with it nostalgia - instantly placing me in a music room blowing on a tuba.

St Ives is a beautiful little art/fishing town on the northwest end of the Cornish Peninsula. I’m very much looking forward to visiting the art galleries tomorrow. And sleeping tonight.

Today’s Observations:

- I love the sea

- It is possible to see the sea on Both sides of the train

- This is due to the zig-zag effect of the Cornish rail lines.

- Waves are cool

- Don’t forget to pack a lunch when going on a six hour trip.

- The city boy is still trying to get his brain to slowdown

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