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It’s What It’s Built For!

There's that bittersweet moment where “New” becomes “Used”. Like driving a brand new Mercedes off the lot. Something that you bought because you wanted it - needed it - and now you have it. A car is a useful tool. It is meant to be “Used”. My insurance salesman father always had the theory that you should never buy a brand new car because as soon as it is driven a huge chunk of the value is wiped out. But it still has value - it still has purpose.

I got paint on my brand new easel today.

Before you laugh I must say that it is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Very smooth and varnished hardwood, shiny hardware - as easels go, it's very pretty. It’s like a new car. I love it. And I have already been painting with it. But today - yup - it got painted. Not major just a little smudge. There was a moment of sadness - a twinge of guilt because I let it get messed up - it is no longer new.

When I realised what was happening did have a little laugh. The past few days all my work has been a bit tentative... I think because subconsciously I was avoiding splashing paint about because I didn’t want to mess up my new toy. But in that moment of carelessness I let a big drop of paint fall on it.

But what is it’s purpose? To hold a canvas while a painting is created. It is built for just that... getting paint on it. It is inevitable. I’m sure if it had a voice it would be saying “Hey I’m doing a good job”. Ok not really but work with me. For me though it good to realise that now it’s been driven off the lot, the true - unencumbered work can begin - free flowing and uninhibited. And it’s what every artist really wants... to be free!

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