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Cornish Rambling Adventure Day 7

Long story short - Another guest was ill in the middle of the night and due to all that involves: ambulance, knocks on my door, sick and other messiness, loud phone calls and conversations between 2-6AM - I’m not the best world traveler today.

Part of this trip was intended to be reflective. Therefore it is on purpose that I came alone. Important maybe that I am alone. However, today has been a bit difficult on that front. When I’m tired my brain starts yelling and telling me all the bad things in my life, the inner voice totally ignores the wonderful day I had yesterday and likes to remind me that I am alone. Never mind that it’s on purpose.

When I finally got enough rest that I wasn’t going to murder anyone I ventured out l to see the Leach Pottery. Fascinating place founded in 1920. It is still a working pottery but now also a museum. As much as I wanted to I didn’t buy that £130 teapot. Nor the stunning little tumbler for £45. Not the gorgeous vase at ... oh but I digress....

I’m sure that one’s artistic journey of blood, sweat, tears, accomplishments and success when shoved in a museum make the history seem romantic. When it is only the third wife that is mentioned anywhere I’m sure that lots of turmoil has been left out. Just once I want the guidebooks to say “hey, this guy had a really shit time, but got some things right... enough to have those things hanging here on the wall for you to look at”

Since I’ve pretty much scoured the town and half a day to use up, I decided to take in a bit of the Southwest Coastal Path. It is miles and miles of public access walkways going round the, you guessed it, the Southwest coastal boundaries of Cornwall. Amazing views of the sea, the waves, the cliffs, the sky... no wonder these walks are considered a National treasure. I suppose it was a good spot for me to try to wrestle those voices - if not to quit, to at least be quiet for a little bit.

Today’s Observations:

- The tide can fluctuate up to 5metres. Those giant boulders I saw yesterday are totally underwater today.

- 2 degrees and some wind makes for entirely different weather

- I melt every time I see a French Bulldog

- I can’t get enough green

- a pub with dogs is always calmer than without

- I’ve taken boatloads of pictures of the sea

- in the wind a seagull can take off without flapping its wings

- recovery is a one day at a time thing

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