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Darren Doth Ramble a lot in Cornwall - Day 10

I checked out of my lovely B&B this morning and walked to St Michael’s Mount. While it looks close - just across the bay - it ain’t. But the shocking lack of public transportation means Darren decided to walk around the bay to Marazion. At high tide you take a boat across to the island. Several hours later you just walk back across the causeway. Nifty.

You look at it and think “Oh, it looks just like Mont-Saint-Michel”. Funny thing is that the monastery that once sat on this spot was owned by those Cousins from Normandy in the 12th Century - just think of it as the Anglo-branch. Like McDonald’s in another country. The castle at the top has been in the same family since 1650 and they still live there. The castle and chapel are open to the public. Fascinating place.

The garden was closed today but I got some great views from the dizzying heights of the battlements.

I then went over to the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. A truly peaceful and extraordinary place. Gorgeous, strange, subtle, quirky and beautiful sculptures scattered about a lush garden on a hillside.

In 11 hours I’ve managed to walk 17.5km (11mi). I’ve never been so happy to sit down in my life as I boarded the train to Falmouth. We’ll see if I can actually walk tomorrow for my last day of this adventure .

Today’s Observations:

- I was very surprised the Sculptor pool at Tremenheere was at least 90% male.

- The female docent said I was definitely not the first to point this out. Apparently, she says that is the makeup of Cornwall.

- All of my female artist friends I’m sure have something to contribute.

- If I buy it it means I have to carry it

- I did a big sigh of relief just walking into a path tunnel of trees

- Dogs in a beach have to be the happiest dogs ever

- Seagulls are the raccoons of the sky

- Those by the sea are not afraid to paint their houses something other than white

- Unlike London - unless you live in Notting Hill

- I typically return to the first restaurant I find having exhausted myself looking at all the menus

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