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Day 2: It Becomes an Adventure - Cardiff

It’s rather strange going on holiday without knowing anything about where you are going and having no agenda. Today I had lunch with my friend Dafydd and catch up on the last 8 years. Way back then I just met his boyfriend. Today I got to meet their two beautiful boys they adopted and see their amazing house. I had no idea they had kids!

I did a lot of walking today and just enjoyed the city. From Llandaff Cathedral and a walk down the River Taff to the Millennium Millennium Centre. So glad I invested in new walking shoes! 23,924 steps for a total of 17.9km. For my metricaly challenged American friends that's 11.12 miles. Sheesh!

Today’s observations (in no particular order) include:

- Listening to two boys switch between English and Welsh in the same sentence makes one wish they learned their own language a bit better.

- The Millennium Centre is as big as it looks on Torchwood.

- Swans have very big feet.

- Welsh youths still know how to use the word “Innit”

- True friends can pick up no matter where you left off.

- the willow tree always looks peaceful

- and so do ancient ruins

- and graveyards

- Cardiff is extremely green

- Ianto Jones would still be alive if he were my boyfriend.

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