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Grand Opening

So, yes. This is it. The Grand Opening! I now have an online art shop! Yay! It all started when a friend on Facebook asked “Where can I buy your art?” Um… gee, I don’t know. This whole experience has been quite the learning curve for me. Website creation, hover boxes, privacy statements all rather mind numbing. So now I have an online shop and lo-and-behold, within 5 hours of going live I had my first sale! Guess what? It was to that very friend on Facebook.

Where do I go from here? Promoting something is a whole other lessen I’m now going to have to delve into. Stepping out there on a limb and say “Hey, I have something you might be interested in” has always been difficult for me, much less knowing how to online. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the next big learning curve. Apparently it is absolutely necessary to survive in this modern age. But as an artist trying to navigate the divide between artistic integrity and starvation (or rather I should say Marketability) I must dive in and see where this leads.

In the coming weeks I will be adding more works of affordable art, more portfolio pieces, information about some upcoming classes and perhaps observations about life as an artist, a performer, a designer and a teacher in amazing creative hub that is London. In the meantime please enjoy my portfolio and please share!

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