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Wales Day 3: I Struck Gold

Today’s adventure took me to St Fagans National Museum of History. This has to be one of the best museums I’ve ever been to. Over 40 buildings from around Wales dating from the Iron Age to 1950s pre-fab have been transplanted to the grounds of St Fagans Castle. I’ve decided that this trip is for my mother and father. They would have gone nuts over this place.

Over the years I have been writing stories about this mythical Village out of my own imagination. One of the reasons I was drawn out on this trip was to explore some of the coastline that I would like to write about. Today I found buildings straight out of my stories! I’m obsessed!

Today’s observations:

- Google maps may take you on the fastest path but it may not always be the most desirable

- Taking the fastest path between A and B may show you some hidden gems.

- history is literally written in stones

- Cardiff has cheap gin

- BBQ is decent in Wales but still better in Texas

- never walk up to a window and expect an empty building

- there is a reason why some hotels are priced so cheap

- animals in museums don’t have to be dead


One of the effects / symptoms of my CPTSD is that occasionally I'm in a place or situation where I literally can not make a decision. It sucks really. The best thing to do is to sit and wait it out. Sometimes it lasts ten minutes - sometimes an hour. Luckily I've never been in a life threatening situation, but I'm pretty confident that my survival instincts would kick in if it were. So for now, I'll just enjoy my gin and tonic until I can decide whether it is bac to the hotel, dinner or the cinema. Hard questions I know, right? But the literally can be paralysing. The way to break it sometimes is to remember what I've done that day and ask myself "Have I eaten?" That usually kicks me into gear.

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